There are so many details and tasks a photographer must understand when scheduling a successful photo shoot. Managing models and property releases can be one of the more tedious aspects, which is why the team over at Snapwire recently launched it’s own free app called Releases.


Any photographer who is looking to sell their work should understand the laws of the industry. Our goal at SceneScout is to help you organize your work and the locations you would like to use for a photo or video shoot, but releases are important because they can protect you from potential lawsuits where people can claim invasion of privacy or defamation after you’ve completed a shoot.


Photographers can pick through industry standard templates such as Snapwire Model Release, Snapwire Property Release, ASMP Standard Model Release, ASMP Standard Property Release, Getty Images Model Release, Getty Images Property Release, Shutterstock Adult Model Release, Shutterstock Minor Model Release, and Shutterstock Property Release. Once you’ve completed the release, it can easily be saved as a PDF and emailed to yourself along with any recipient on the list.

Learn more and download Releases for free today.