SceneScout is a mobile app created to help photographers and videographers scout locations, plan, and share their work. The app lets you create and share scenes with detailed descriptions, scouted photos, geo tags, genre specific sets, and attach photos from Flickr. Users can also share genre specific sets which could be a list of locations that will help you plan a multi-location shoot or just a list of your favorite places. In addition, all of our data is completely crowdsourced.

SceneScout 1.2 Screenshots

There are countless locations that can be scouted around the globe and any location or venue can have details that are perfect for a specific photo or video shoot. Now with SceneScout, those details and photos can be logged for that specific purpose. The app is also building a community where even prospective clients, enthusiasts, and peers will be able to openly follow and engage with each other like never before.

For 1.2 we’ve made a bunch of improvements that would be too long to list, but we think you’ll be most interested to know that we’ve focused heavily on sharing. The best scouting tool for photographers and videographers just got a whole lot better!

1.2 Highlighted Features:

Likes — Now your likes will double as bookmarks so that you can easily find your favorite public scenes others have publicly shared. This new feature will help you remember places you may want to visit at a later date for a shoot or for simply showing support of other talent.

Social Sharing — Ever wanted to share your scenes or sets with people outside of SceneScout!? Well, now you can. Each scene or set can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, text message, or email.

Download the updated version now for iOS so that you can take advantage of these great new features and start scouting, planning, and sharing today!